TCPS, White Rivers, Botswana

Exploration and TCP
(Technical Commercial Permit)
Executing our growth strategy and expanding the Amersfoort Project, Kinetiko is pursuing exploration in South Africa.

A TCP entitles the holder to undertake desktop studies and acquire data from the Government and the exclusive right to apply for an Exploration Right over the same area. Kinetiko now has 3 of its TCPs in the system as Exploration Right applications

Granted Exploration Right 56ER and 38ER
These represent the Amersfoort project.

Exploration Right Application 271 ER formerly 42 TCP
The application covering the land bridge between
Amersfoort 56 ER and 38ER

Exploration Right Application 270 ER formerly 37 TCP
This application is to the south and east of 38ER

Exploration Right Application 272 ER formerly 39 TCP
This is an application for an ER around Secunda

106 TCP -  2,394 Km2
Application in process

107 TCP -  3,823 Km2
Application in process


Kinetiko Energy and White Rivers Exploration
Kinetiko Energy and White Rivers Exploration have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (“MOU”) to JV over 716km2 of gas tenure in the Karoo Basin coalfields of South Africa. This map shows the areas indicated in orange

The MOU covers three Technical Co-operation Permit areas, at Heilbron, Kroonstadt and Ventersburg. All three areas are known to contain coal measures at depth, with methane and helium gas having been encountered in significant quantities in coal and mineral bore holes in the vicinities.

Kinetiko will be the operator and will hold a 50% interest in the JV with parties contributing in proportion to their interest. To view the full Kinetiko Energy announcement please click here. ( link to this announcement).

Kinetiko Energy and Badimo Gas Exploration Right Applications

With respect to these applications Kinetiko Energy will work with Badimo via the executed MOU covering these areas to explore possible future JV arrangements.


Kinetiko in Botswana
Kinetiko Energy Ltd has enhanced its portfolio of unconventional energy projects in Sub Saharan Africa with applications for approximately 10,000Km2 of exploration tenure in central Botswana.

The application areas cover portions of the Permian Kalahari Karoo Basin that extends across Botswana and are based on an initial 3 year term which has been accepted by the Department of Mines.

First year exploration commitments amounts to a minimum A$330,000 for the areas, the majority of expenditure is likely to occur H1 CY 2014 and there is significant flexibility to negotiate the terms.

No effective unconventional energy exploration has been conducted in the central areas of the Kalahari Basin targeted by Kinetiko and the region is a potential frontier.

Kinetiko has researched the areas based on local and regional tectonic and lithostratigraphic history. Although early in the exploration process a likely commercialization path is via Electricity Network, which is expanding into the more remote areas.

To read more please view our full announcement click here.


Map showing the Kinetiko Energy exploration potential with a possible involvement in over 40,000km2 of applications and rights to explore for a new source of energy for Sub Saharan Africa.