About Kinetiko

Kinetiko Energy Limited is an Australian company formed to pursue advanced coal bed methane opportunities in rapidly developing gas markets outside of Australia. As a result of a series of country by country evaluations of CBM potential, energy markets and infrastructure in Sub-Saharan Africa Kinetiko has focussed on the Republic of South Africa. The known gassy coalfields and extensive energy infrastructure of South Africa are considered by Kinetiko to be the preeminent locality for a nascent CBM industry in the region. CBM exploration and evaluation is in its infancy in South Africa. Gas seeps from historical coal and mineral exploration holes have been known for many decades but only within the last few years has tenure been granted to allow CBM evaluation drilling to commence.

The Amersfoort area of the Eastern Transvaal Coal Field between Johannesburg and Durban is one of the most prospective areas for CBM with well documented gassy coal measures. Kinetiko has a 49% equity in 2 onshore gas licences covering 1,601km2 in the Amersfoort area. Under a farm out agreement with the other license equity holder, a South African company Badimo Gas Ltd, Kinetiko is the project operator. Independent oil and gas consultants Gustavson Associates from the USA have estimated for the Amersfoort licences a gas in place (GIP) resource of 2.4tcf and 1.5tcf (2C) Contingent Resources.

The Amersfoort Project is ideally located close to the major population and manufacturing centre of Johannesburg and is surrounded by a major portion of the South African energy generation infrastructure and the coal and gas to liquid fuels industry, in a growing and energy hungry economy. Kinetiko sees the opportunity to become an early mover in the South African CBM exploration and commercialisation and will continue to build on its energy project portfolio in the region.