Kinetiko Energy Limited is an Australian-based company focused on advanced Coal Bed Methane (CBM) opportunities in the Republic of South Africa.
Our vision is to develop CBM in a sustainable, reliable and beneficial way. We recognise the existing rights of surface owners and their current and future access to land and water. As such, we have developed policies to create transparency, ensure accountability and promote ethical, sustainable and responsible decision-making, as well as engage and align the values of our stakeholders.
All of our stakeholders, including employees and local communities, have a right to expect the company to take a responsible and environmentally sustainable approach to our activities.
Kinetiko Energy is committed to:
• Minimising pollution, protecting the environment, and preventing any harm to the community’s health;
• Implementing effective water management and minimising potential impacts on the local water bodies;
• Implementing ongoing environmental monitoring programs;
• Developing contingency plans to ensure impacts from potential incidents are minimised; and
• Making sufficient resources available to meet our environmental objectives, including effective and sustainable closure upon completion of activities.
The development and abstraction of CBM is a modern and sustainable approach that will help meet growing energy needs while also minimising risks historically associated with the development and mining of coal deposits. CBM is no longer an unvonventional energy source- it is widely practiced in Australia and North America.
CBM is an environmentally sustainable energy source that provides high value benefits to the economy of a country and its people.