About Kinetiko

Australian company Kinetiko Energy Limited (ASX Code: KKO) is an energy exploration business, solely focused on advanced sandstone gas and coal bed methane (CBM) discovery and commercialisation in an energy challenged Republic of South Africa.

The flagship Amersfoort project and newly granted adjacent exploration rights are held through South African company Afro Energy (Pty) Ltd.

The project is strategically located in a region characterized by,

  • Existing infrastructure,
    • Power generation, gas pipelines, high voltage transmission lines, road, and rail.
    • Networks that connect to Johannesburg / Pretoria, the cities of the Western Cape and KwaZulu Natal, and the rest of South Africa and neighbouring African countries South Africa supplies power to.
  • Very high energy demand,
    • Gas for general power generation, industrial and mining applications.

Past exploration on Exploration Rights ER38 and ER56 and commercialisation studies have proven up the  project geology and the potential for commercialisation,

  • The drilling and flow testing of wells on ER 38 and ER 56, has established a 2C (P50) Contingent Resource of 1.5 Tcf (Gustavson Associates 2012) across these two Exploration Rights totaling 1,027km2.
  • With the granting of a further 3,577km2 (ER 270,271 and 272) and a further 2,394km2 pending (ER320), it gives the project a total exploration footprint of 7,000km2.
  • KKO through its 49% shareholding in Afro Energy will continue to work with South African stakeholders and regulators to advance Amersfoort to the next stage of commercialisation.
  • Gas is now deemed to be an important component of the South African energy mix to combat the energy crisis.

Over the next 12 months, the focus will achieve the first reserves, production, and revenues.